every story is different

But each one began with a simple referral from a friend or co-worker because of a crisis. Big Table was able to respond directly and personally - to avert the crisis and provide some semblance of normalcy in their lives. Our involvement doesn't end when the crisis ends. We also provide long-term coaching and mentoring, fostering enduring relationships and accountability. A lasting story of hope.

Colorado Springs

Finding Hope and Home

You helped make this possible, I cannot believe it. Thank you so much.

— Brittany

A housekeeper in a local hotel, Brittany was our first care referral in Colorado Springs. She had been struggling to make rent as a single mom while also navigating some tough family dynamics. Initially, Big Table helped her catch up on rent, but Brittany ended up homeless after losing her job months later. We continued to care by providing encouragement and sharing some hard conversations about getting her life on track. Brittany didn’t give up. She landed a new job, diligently saved money, and recently moved into a new place. We were there—with a U-Haul and support. After a redemptive day of lifting and sweating, she is now smiling in a safe, comfortable home again.

San Diego

Road to Recovery

Without Big Table’s help, I would be worse off. So glad I didn’t have to go through recovery by myself.

— Tyler

Due to a chronic drinking problem, Tyler was spiraling out of control. He was fired from his job, lost his driver’s license, and was kicked out of his home. A Navy Veteran, Tyler was on a long waitlist for a VA recovery program. It was at this time we entered into an intentional relationship with Tyler focusing on
building trust and being available with emotional support and encouragement. We also supported him
through his recovery, knowing exactly what to bring him to put a smile on his face—Doritos and Mountain Dew. We also gave him bus passes to help him get around. Tyler’s been sober for several months and is working to get his life back on track, including getting his driver’s license again.


Brighter Days Ahead

My heart was so warm from all the love and support. From the bottom of my heart, I am so grateful.

— Candace

Candace recently completed a program that serves women survivors of trafficking, prostitution, and addiction. This resilient single mom with two kids and two jobs was also juggling college classes. With Candace’s bills piling up, we jumped in with a Care Blitz surprise in partnership with local produce distributor, FreshPoint. During one of Candace’s line cook shifts, team members handed her $1000 in Unexpected 20s, which she used to pay off her tuition. Candace earned a degree in Criminal Defense and is now working as a Case Manager at the same trafficking program she graduated from. She is using her experience to guide and encourage women with similar stories, and we’re cheering her on.

Care Stories by City




Sade | Getting back on track


“When I felt like I was at the end of my rope, Big Table helped me tie a knot and hold on.” | PARIS


“We are usually the ones serving people and I can’t tell you how much it means that there are people out there who want to serve us.” | CARL


“I don’t have a big support system. That is what Big Table gave me. Nonjudgmental support. They are motivating and encouraging. Big Table changed my life and there’s more to…


“From a bicycle for one of my dishwashers to a mental health check in for myself, Big Table has impacted my life as well as many others in so many…


“You don’t know the weight you have lifted off my shoulders. I am so grateful for your help.” | ORLANDO


“The thing about Big Table is they give more than hope. Hope is the expectation that something will happen. What Big Table does is deliver when all hope is lost.” |…


“Big Table gave me the chance to fix my teeth. Now I can eat with the partials I got from Dr. Love and smile. It makes me happy!” | TANYA


“Your kind and caring heart has meant so much to me and my family in this time of need. Thank you so very much.” | BEATRIZ


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