every story is different

But each one began with a simple referral from a friend or co-worker because of a crisis. Big Table was able to respond directly and personally - to avert the crisis and provide some semblance of normalcy in their lives. Our involvement doesn't end when the crisis ends. We also provide long-term coaching and mentoring, fostering enduring relationships and accountability. A lasting story of hope.


Bringing Back That Beautiful Smile

Big Table gave me the chance to fix my teeth. Now I can eat with the partials I got from Dr. Love and smile. It makes me happy!

— Tetyana

Tetyana learned how to sew as a child in the Ukraine and currently uses her talents as a hardworking Uniform and Alteration Specialist for a local casino. She is warm, strong, and steady, but she was missing two front teeth which caused her great pain when eating, dimmed her confidence, and as a result hid her beautiful smile. We worked with one of our Big Table care partners, Dr. Love, to provide her with much-needed, but costly partial dentures. Now Tetyana can enjoy eating again and certainly brightens up any room with her smile. She even felt confident to share her remarkable story at our recent Dine2Care breakfast!

San Diego

Graduating With Hope

I appreciate all that you and Big Table have done for me — ensuring that I am successful in this time of journey in my life! I consider you a friend now, and we will be connected in so many ways forever!

— Ayoe

Ayoe was referred to us when she was given an eviction notice from her hotel-apartment. She had just begun her Kitchens for Good program to learn culinary skills and was desperate not to lose her housing. Big Table helped her get caught up on her rental payments and encouraged her through the remainder of the program. After graduation, she was placed as a line cook at a beautiful waterfront restaurant with incredible co-workers. She feels so hopeful about her future now. She was able to proudly reopen a new bank account to start saving towards a simple apartment for herself and her adult son on the spectrum. You got this, Ayoe!


Catching Up After COVID

I had contracted COVID and lost significant income from my job. I was short of rent and unable to buy groceries. I was referred to Big Table and got the help I needed.

— Nick

Like many restaurant workers, Nick’s two-week leave due to COVID led to being behind on rental and living expenses. He needed to regain housing and food stability and someone to help him figure out how to get there. Big Table has been able to catch him up on rental expenses and provide grocery gift cards to bridge the gap. His care coordinator spent valuable time coaching him through budgeting, long-term planning, and life skills needed to follow his dreams. With an intentional guide, he has been able to stay afloat working consistent hours while attending college toward a future degree in communications.


“Your kind and caring heart has meant so much to me and my family in this time of need. Thank you so very much.” | BEATRIZ


“We are usually the ones serving people and I can’t tell you how much it means that there are people out there who want to serve us.” | CARL


“I don’t have a big support system. That is what Big Table gave me. Nonjudgmental support. They are motivating and encouraging. Big Table changed my life and there’s more to come!” | DESTINY


“When I felt like I was at the end of my rope, Big Table helped me tie a knot and hold on.” | PARIS


“From a bicycle for one of my dishwashers to a mental health check in for myself, Big Table has impacted my life as well as many others in so many ways.” | AARON


“The thing about Big Table is they give more than hope. Hope is the expectation that something will happen. What Big Table does is deliver when all hope is lost.” | ROSALIE


“Big Table gave me the chance to fix my teeth. Now I can eat with the partials I got from Dr. Love and smile. It makes me happy!” | TANYA


“You don’t know the weight you have lifted off my shoulders. I am so grateful for your help.” | ORLANDO


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