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But each one began with a simple referral from a friend or co-worker because of a crisis. Big Table was able to respond directly and personally - to avert the crisis and provide some semblance of normalcy in their lives. Our involvement doesn't end when the crisis ends. We also provide long-term coaching and mentoring, fostering enduring relationships and accountability. A lasting story of hope.



“I am so grateful and happy right now to be sitting in a dentist chair with the knowledge that it is not just to pull teeth, but to make it so that I don’t have to hide behind a mask every day out of shame. Soon, I can smile without fear that people will see my teeth. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!”

— Anastasios

Anastasios has been pouring his heart and soul into various server positions in the hospitality industry for over 20 years. Even though life dealt him a history of violence and trauma that led to substance abuse and other struggles, he was determined to re-write the narrative. Now two years sober, he bravely shares his story to ignite hope to those around him. While working full-time, he also takes care of his aging parents and volunteers at Big Table events.

He was referred to Big Table to help with his deteriorating teeth, resulting from years of drug abuse. Our dental care partner, Dr. Ryan Love, stepped in to give Anastasios a full dental transformation, simply blowing him away. 

Anastasios asked Dr. Love to pause for a few moments before his full mouth extraction, so he could reflect as the whole process was very emotional for him. It wasn’t just his teeth that he was removing, this represented the release of so many barriers preventing a life of emotional freedom from his past. After healing up and being fitted for dentures, he lights up the room with a smile full of life as he generously serves others. He hopes to continue to pay it forward and honor his family heritage by opening his own Greek restaurant. We can’t wait! 

Colorado Springs


Thanks so much again for all your help both financially and mentally! You’ve truly been such a blessing!

— Scott

Scott is a divorced father of three children working two jobs as a bartender to make ends meet while juggling the emotions of his new family dynamics. Financially, he hit a wall after recently moving into a new home and receiving an unexpected bill from his former landlord. Scott has always been a gentle soul who would rather care for others than burden anyone himself. But this time, he was at a loss on how to cover the growing list of bills. Thankfully, a colleague at a partner organization knew about Big Table and made a quick referral. Reluctantly, Scott agreed to meet his care coordinator for coffee. Over an intentional conversation, he slowly realized that he didn’t have to handle his challenges alone and accepted our help with his overwhelming rental expenses. Soon after, his car went in for repairs when one of his car wheels was significantly damaged. Unable to pay for the estimated charges, we covered the cost to literally get him back in the driver’s seat so that his transportation to and from work (and resulting income) was uninterrupted. Scott has so much more confidence now that he has a support system and some traction (pun totally intended) toward regaining financial freedom.

San Diego


I just want to personally thank you for what you did. I know you went above and beyond to get me a car. I appreciate that. I love how God uses others to help us out.

— Phil

Phil is a cook at a local quick serve restaurant. Our San Diego City Director first met Phil when he volunteered at a local church. His life had rocky beginnings in foster care and juvenile hall culminating with a felony conviction and a prison sentence. But now this single dad of a special needs son is turning his life around. He was referred to Big Table because he needed reliable transportation to get to work and care for his son’s unique needs. He also needed coaching to assimilate to life outside of prison. Big Table initially helped with grocery gift cards and paid his phone and utility bills. After encouraging him to create a budget, we personally met with car sellers on his behalf to find a reliable car at an affordable price and covered the registration costs. He now can safely take his son to day care or therapy and make it to work on time. He finally feels like he is in the driver’s seat of his future and is ready for all life has ahead.

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Sade | Getting back on track


“We are usually the ones serving people and I can’t tell you how much it means that there are people out there who want to serve us.” | CARL


“From a bicycle for one of my dishwashers to a mental health check in for myself, Big Table has impacted my life as well as many others in so many…


“When I felt like I was at the end of my rope, Big Table helped me tie a knot and hold on.” | PARIS


“Big Table gave me the chance to fix my teeth. Now I can eat with the partials I got from Dr. Love and smile. It makes me happy!” | TANYA


“The thing about Big Table is they give more than hope. Hope is the expectation that something will happen. What Big Table does is deliver when all hope is lost.” |…


“You don’t know the weight you have lifted off my shoulders. I am so grateful for your help.” | ORLANDO


“Your kind and caring heart has meant so much to me and my family in this time of need. Thank you so very much.” | BEATRIZ


“I don’t have a big support system. That is what Big Table gave me. Nonjudgmental support. They are motivating and encouraging. Big Table changed my life and there’s more to…


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