Big Table has been headquartered in Spokane since 2009. Spokane’s restaurant and hospitality industry employs nearly 24,000 people and is the 4th largest employment sector in Spokane County. Nearly half of those employees fall below the “survival” income line set by economists. Big Table comes alongside these hardworking people when they experience a crisis or an unexpected challenge to offer support, encouragement, and hope.


We are now accepting referrals on the Palouse including Moscow, Pullman and Colfax areas.

Finding a Reason to Hope Again

I would still be stuck if it weren’t for the unconditional care that Big Table is about. You have stuck with me in this journey, and I can’t tell you how much that has changed my life.

Rocked by toxic relationships and heavy debt, Jonathan had hit a point where his past choices were finally catching up with him. His job as a line cook at a local pub barely covered his bills, and he felt lost and overwhelmed in his battle with clinical depression. He had lost hope. Big Table helped with back rental payments, grocery gift cards, and utilities. But most importantly, Jonathan found real hope and true transformation amid life’s challenges through intentional relational care. Now wanting to give back to others, he’s working for a local addiction non-profit while starting school to become a counselor – Go Jonathan!


unexpected 20s

Want to get involved now? Try sharing some U20s! This is a great place for individuals and small groups to start partnering with Big Table. Big Table provides small envelopes that you fill with $20 bills and give out when in a restaurant or hotel. Simple and amazingly effective. Look for one person working in a restaurant or hotel invisible to others, or one that is having a bad day. It very well could be someone in the kitchen or behind the scenes. Then give them the Unexpected 20 envelope with a $20 bill inside. Tell them it is simply a gift for them…no strings attached. This is not payment or a tip, it is a gift. After the Unexpected 20 is delivered email us with a story of what you noticed or felt at

Need envelopes? You can print your own or contact your city and we’d love to send you some.


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