Our Team

Sandy Riebe


Sandy brings her wisdom, contagious enthusiasm, and over forty-five years of experience to her roles as our bookkeeper and HR coordinator.  She knows just about everyone in town and most of them owe her a favor or two.  She bakes a mean pie and is a lover of seafood.

Her answer every day to how she is doing is “I couldn’t be better” and her smile says life is worth living.  When off the clock she loves to spend time with her family.  She also loves to cross stitch and sew.


(509) 979-1005


executive team

Kevin Finch

Executive Director

Jill Lemon

Associate Executive Director

Mandy Swanson

Executive of Operations

Laura Lympus

Executive of Expansion

Karri Szymanski

Executive of Communications

Nancy Dickman

Executive of Finance    | CPA