Big Table’s fourth location launched in Nashville in summer 2021. Nashville boasts about 350 hotels and 4000 restaurants. The Hospitality and Food Service Industry is the second largest employment sector in Davidson County, only behind healthcare. The average salary for a full-time restaurant server in Nashville is $23,955.

Big Table comes alongside these hardworking people when they experience a temporary setback to offer support, encouragement, and hope. Caring for them strategically will impact the whole community.

let’s do this. . . together

You can join our grassroots Big Table Care Movement by simply bringing hope to those in need by intentionally caring for restaurant and hospitality workers in your everyday life. It could be as simple as giving out Unexpected 20s. You’ll find lots of other big ideas on How to Care While Eating and Sleeping HERE.

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unexpected 20s

Want to get involved right now? Try sharing some U20s! This is a great place for individuals and small groups to start partnering with Big Table. Big Table provides small envelopes that you fill with $20 bills and give out when in a restaurant or hotel. Simple and amazingly effective. Look for one person working in a restaurant or hotel invisible to others, or one that is having a bad day. It very well could be someone in the kitchen or behind the scenes. Then give them the Unexpected 20 envelope with a $20 bill inside. Tell them it is simply a gift for them…no strings attached. This is not payment or a tip, it is a gift. After the Unexpected 20 is delivered email us with a story of what you noticed or felt at

Need envelopes? You can print your own or email to request some.

This is just one way to join Big Table’s mission to serve hope. Learn more about all the ways you can get involved below.

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we serve hope

That is what we love to do most. That is why we are in Nashville. And our team is ready to go.

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