Our Team

Kevin Finch

Executive Director

Kevin stepped out of a position as a pastor in a church to launch Big Table at the beginning of 2009.  For the previous eight years he had moonlighted as a restaurant critic for the Spokesman Review, the Inlander, and Spokane Coeur d’Alene magazine.  In writing about the restaurant and hospitality industry he uncovered the massive amount of unmet need and was unable to find anyone else in the country trying to address the challenges in a holistic way.

Food truly is a delight for Kevin and he does most of the cooking at home.  An incessant doodler, his note pages in meetings end up full of cartoons.  Recently he discovered the iPhone app Zombies, Run!  Being chased by the imaginary undead is the first real thing that has motivated him to run further than to the grocery store.


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executive team

Kevin Finch

Executive Director

Jill Lemon

Associate Executive Director

Mandy Swanson

Operations Coordinator

Laura Lympus

Expansion Coordinator

Sandy Riebe