Big Table Holiday Blitz

Hundreds of people will be working for minimum wage this Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in fast food restaurants throughout Seattle. For most this isn’t a choice – their name just showed up on the holiday schedule. Partner with Big Table to start a new holiday tradition – take a few minutes away from your holiday celebrations to be the hands and feet of Jesus by showing up at fast food restaurants to hand out care envelopes with $20 bills – enough for the whole crew – inside HOLIDAY CARE BLITZ envelopes. It is amazing what an unexpected $20 bill can mean to someone just trying to get by.


  • Groups all over Seattle and the Eastside will step away from their own celebrations on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day to bless those who are working at local fast food restaurants. A point person will serve as the liaison between Big Table and those participating in the Holiday Blitz. Big Table will provide advertising materials, if desired, as well as “Tips Before You Go” and the Holiday Blitz envelopes for you and/or your teams to fill.
  • The liaison will be responsible for communicating with Big Table to identify a local restaurant, organizing their Holiday Care Blitz volunteers, and working with their group to fill the Holiday Blitz envelopes. On Christmas Day, each group will show up and bless those who are working by handing out $20 bills in Big Table Holiday Care Blitz envelopes.
  • The goal is for each Blitz to cover an entire shift (on average, a shift ranges from 6-8 people; a $120-180 investment). Big Table will communicate with the restaurant ahead of time, identify the best time to stop by, and determine the exact number of employees working during that shift.
  • The liaison will capture a quick picture and send it, along with 2-3 sentences about the experience, to

To join us, contact Kristi Trainer, our Holiday Blitz Coordinator: or 206-734-9279.