Hundreds of people will be working for minimum wage this Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in fast food restaurants throughout San Diego. For most this isn’t a choice – their name just showed up on the holiday schedule. Partner with Big Table to start a new holiday tradition – take a few minutes away from your holiday celebrations to be the hands and feet of Jesus by showing up at fast food restaurants to hand out care envelopes with $20 bills – enough for the whole crew – inside HOLIDAY CARE BLITZ envelopes. It is amazing what an unexpected $20 bill can mean to someone just trying to get by.

Want to be participate but need help covering the cost of the $20s? Big Table can partially cover the cost if you want to be the bearer of the gifts. Typical fast food outlets run shifts of 5 -10 people so the total cost would be between $100 and $200. Check back in when sign ups go live on December 1st!