Get Involved

Care Blitz

Coordinate with Big Table to surprise someone at work with gifts to meet their specific need. We can help you involve your work colleagues or friends. All of you show up with an Unexpected 20 and possibly gifts to give to a person who is dealing with a specific crisis. Our Big Table team identifies the person and works with both you and the manager to plan the surprise.

Unexpected 20’s

Look for someone having a hard day. Or enlist your server to help – promise them a good tip and then explain the Unexpected 20 idea and ask him or her to give it to the person having the worst day. Need envelopes? Contact us. We’d love to send you some. Or, if DIY is your middle name, use the template below.

Unexpected 20 Template

Adopt a Restaurant

Gather a group of friends who will adopt one restaurant in your neighborhood. Become a regular patron and begin to invest in relationship remembering names and getting to know the people who work there. Look for opportunities like big life events to celebrate, encourage and support the people of that restaurant. Questions? Contact us and we’ll help you get started.

How can you help?  

I work at a restaurant or hotel
I work for a small business or corporation
I am part of a faith community
I’m an individual and want to help