Serving a Beautiful Smile

When my everything wasn’t enough, I didn’t see a solution. I felt like I couldn’t breathe or think. Big Table became my oxygen.

We first saw Momma T’s contagious smile at a hotel Care Blitz last November, and she attended an industry dinner a few months later. Unfortunately, she had to miss a number of server shifts at a hotel lounge to care for her husband, who had congestive heart failure. She began experiencing ocular migraines, which gave her temporary vision loss and also prevented her from working. As a result, bills and stress piled up. She soon realized that she needed Big Table care, and we immediately came to her aid—paying her phone bills and connecting her with local non-profits to help with her rent, utilities, and groceries. Momma T and her husband are now both feeling a bit better. And her beautiful smile continues to bless those who have the good fortune to cross her path.

Telesa “Momma T”