We want Big Table to always be a MOVEMENT rather than an organization… people caring personally and practically for those they know in the restaurant and hospitality industry.

You can be the start of this movement in your community.

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Let us know where you live so we can connect you with others in your area who also care.

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Care while you eat and sleep

Learn easy and impactful ways to care for restaurant and hospitality workers in your community.


Start giving out Unexpected 20’s  

You can request envelopes from us by or download a PDF template and make them yourself.

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invite big table to your city

One of our key criteria for growing Big Table into new cities is whether a community of people locally are passionate to help us launch.  Email our Executive team if you would like to start this conversation.

Currently we are prioritizing:

  • cities over 250,000 people
  • with a vibrant and growing restaurant and hospitality sector
  • where the cost of living puts those in this industry particularly at risk
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