Executive of Communications

Karri brings with her a 25 year background in marketing ranging from extensive advertising agency client service to product development at American Greetings where she worked on Christmas all year long. Fueled by creativity and compassion, she is beyond thrilled to join the Big Table team in the communications role.

Caring for and encouraging others is in her DNA – so, if you need someone to speak life over you, just give her a call. While you’re at it make sure to ask her about the time she sang with The Temptations and how it is that she’s related to every US President! In her spare time, she loves to get her hands dirty in the garden, hand stamp jewelry, grab coffee with friends and always enjoys a random pop-up dance party (even if it is a party of one). Her favorite people are her husband Andy and their three teenage sons who refuse to stop growing.


(509) 874-5101


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