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care for the
working poor

Our industry –the restaurant and hospitality industry – is full of amazing and gifted people and we hire people no other industry will.  More of the WORKING POOR work here than any place else in the nation.  Caring for them means caring for people who are already doing all they can on their own and still not making it.

1 in 6

on the restaurant side of the industry are below the official poverty line – DOUBLE any other working population


make less than economists say is needed just to make ends meet

relationships start
around the table

how it works

Intentional Relationships

We identify care recipients through relationships they already have in the workplace and we reach out personally after a coworker or friend who sees the need submits a referral.

Timely Intervention

We rapidly engage in crisis situations with proactive solutions before only triage solutions remain both with direct support and partnerships across the community.

Transformational Care

Our commitment goes beyond crisis care to  offer hope and direction and accountability over time – ‘no strings attached’ assistance becomes more… relational coaching and shared work to build personal capacity and health.

Big Table Is…

“I arrived for surgery and they told me you paid $1,000 towards it and I just cried. Thank you so much!


join us caring for people like Tonya

Tonya was referred for dental work. She had braces and had twice broken her jaw.  Her mouth was wired shut for two years with the braces still in. Recently her dentist took the braces off, but her jaw was still unstable. Insurance only covered $1,200 for the whole year. When she arrived for surgery last week to re-stabilize her jaw, she planned to charge it on her credit card. Big Table called the dentist and paid $1,000 toward the $1,600 fee.

What’s happening in your city?

What’s happening in your city?